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Artyom Lukoshko .


17 years old


Lublin,Poland lista


Student lista, First Year University (international relations)


Skype (always): artohas
ICQ (sometimes): 465860427

I lista you, iPod! lista

Check out my portfolio! lista

What do you Do?


Pretty much everything!(nahhh, I'm joking) Crappy websites like this one in Microsoft Frontpage 2003, a bunch of logos in Paint, lame movies Movie Maker and that's about it. Oh, btw, I'm able to do "Hello Worlds" in C, php and HTML very easily lista


What do you use?

Why do you do it?

Just for the sake of learning something new. I had no formation whatsoever in these areas but thankfully there is google and tutorials.

Who are you? lista

I will spend my whole life trying to figure that out, meanwhile, you can add me at Skype: artohas and have a chat with me.

I Simply Love Music!


Because! What a silly question... lista

What do you listen to?

WOW, Headphones, a Mixer, Speakers! Dude, are you a DJ? lista

No, I am not, I just love music, good feelings, and make people happy... That is not the definition of a DJ any more.


Swayer, Kate, Hugo, did you watch LOST?

Of course I did, I've totally liked it!lista

Besides LOST, what else do you watch?

Do you like to watch tv?

When my computer is not around, why not? CNN or Euronews are not bad, are they?


What's up with all these DVDs?

Just a couple of movies lista that I like, maybe I will get them updated from time to time.lista

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Thank You!


Are you a gamer?

I was.

Which games do you play?

You can see them on the shelf:

So, where are your gamercards?



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